Do You Know The Safe Operation Rules of TDF Flange Forming Machine That Pointed Out by Experts

The common flange machine is a special equipment for flange forming on the connecting port of the windpipe itself. The common flange system is one of the international large-scale flange connection systems. It is convenient and is especially suitable for the production of windpipes with the small cross section. The common flange system can be used for large-scale industrial production. It is an effective duct flange system. It has good rigidity and stability, and the shape of movement is beautiful and smooth. It can form a simple and fully automatic windpipe production line with the combination of the reinforcement machine, the shearing machine and the common plate flange folding machine. The machine is strict in structure and good in performance. It can save costs and reduce expenses for customers, and it is also the best choice for small production customers.

The operating rules of the common flange machine can be divided into six movements: Before starting, the pump must be rotated with a rotating coupling to make sure that the rotational force of the spoon pump is consistent with that of the rotary pump; Turn off the valve on the intake pipe; Open the motor; Open the 1N valve on the water supply line, the water supply is gradually increased to meet the requirements of the water supply. When the pump reaches the limit, the pump, the valve will start to operate normally. Adjust the cover of the packing to make the water drip out. The working temperature of rolling sodium should not be higher than that of ambient temperature 35Y, but the measured temperature should be smaller than 70. Under the limit, the noise of the pump is large and easy to be damaged by cavitation, so as to reduce noise. A small amount of gas enters the beam from the vent chamber, and the common flange machine can be effective if the vacuum is reduced by about 250 to 350Pa; Shutdown: close the gate valve on the intake line; close the valve between the water supply lines;  After stopping water, the pump continues to turn for 1 - 2 minutes, and the motor is closed after some of the working fluid is discharged. If there is more than one room between the parking lots, the plugs at the bottom of the beam should be booked and discharged. The specific operating procedures are as follows:

1. The use of hydraulic devices on flange winding machines shall be carried out in sections JGJ33, 2001, Sections 3.1, 3.4, 3.8 and Appendix C.

2. The strength and accuracy of the mold on the flange winding machine should meet the requirements, sharpening the edges, installing firmly and fastening reliably.

3. The transmission part of the flange winding machine should be equipped with a protective cover. The dismantling is strictly prohibited during the operation. Machinery should be installed in the machine shed.

4. The specification of machined steel should not exceed the allowable range of machine tools.

5. It should be operated at no load and confirmed to be normal before it can be operated.

6. When the rolled flange cannot enter the second roller, special tools should be used for feeding. It is strictly forbidden to push directly by hand.

7. When the flange diameter exceeds 1000mm, appropriate safety precautions should be taken.

8. No one should be near the end of the flange.

9. Non-operating and supporting personnel are not allowed to stay around the machine during work.

10. After the operation, the power should be cut off, the switch box should be locked, and daily maintenance work should be done.

TDF Flange Forming Machine
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