The Use Function and Precautions of Air Duct Seaming Machines

1. Introduction of the function of the air duct seaming machine


The working plate thickness range of the air pipe seaming machine is 0.4mm to 1.2mm, and the baffle plate can be adjusted with an Allen key when in use. Before joining the seam, insert the right-angle side into the joint gap, and manually flatten the two ends of the rectangular duct by 50mm. Method of adjusting baffle: The baffle is divided into 2 lengths, 4 pieces of 100mm and 1 piece of 50mm. The length of the baffle is not less than 50mm than the length of the air duct.

Description of the duct seaming machine mechanism: There is a bolt adjustment mechanism on the left plate of the duct seaming machine. This mechanism is used to adjust the working length of the cylinder and adjust the specific length of the seam.

Description of the length adjustment mechanism of the air pipe stitching machine: loosen the 4 bolts with an inner hexagonal wrench, shake the hand wheel to adjust the length to the required length position, and then tighten the 4 bolts. After the above steps are completed, push the air duct into the work area, step on the foot switch, and complete the seaming work.

2. Precautions for the use of the air duct seaming machine

Duct seaming machine is a frequently used equipment in the machinery industry, but you often find problems after using it for a period of time. Today we will introduce the matters needing attention when using the duct seaming machine.

Item 1: Air leakage in some places during the use of the air pipe seaming machine, air leakage in the air inlet, air leakage in the joint or governor lever, air leakage in the on-off valve, and O-rings need to be replaced. If the exhaust port is leaking, you need to replace the O-ring or remove the debris on the switch valve.

Item 2: Sometimes the air pipe stitching machine does not work after a few times of work. This is generally because dirt has entered the body, and the dirt needs to be removed after disassembly, and it can be used normally after reinstallation.

Item 3: The hammer head is easy to fall off during the work of the air pipe seaming machine. This is usually caused by accidental empty hitting during operation, which causes the spring to be damaged or the fixed position of the spring and the hammer head is incorrect. This needs to be replaced or reinstalled.

If you have a problem when using the air duct stitching machine, you can contact the maintenance manufacturer in time if you can't solve it by yourself.

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