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Manufacturing Process of Duct Fabrication Equipment

The manufacturing steps of the duct fabrication equipment are as follows:

1. The air duct should be pressed into a connecting body, then the material is cut and then formed, and finally, the four corners are stamped and installed.

2. The air duct is connected by the air duct card and cut into a uniform size for installation.

3. The duct fabrication equipment is simple to operate, which improves the working efficiency and the size of the machine is very accurate. The quality is also very high.

4. It can be used in a variety of production equipment: shearing machine, biting machine and so on.

If we want to extend the service life of the duct fabrication equipment, we should pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of the duct fabrication equipment. Usually, we should put the tube of the same board using flange in a dry place. The duct fabrication equipment cannot be damp, and cannot give other impurities into the machine, which will make the machine vulnerable to damage. We need to add some lubricating oil to the duct fabrication equipment regularly so that the equipment can run more efficiently. At intervals, we need to check whether the machine nuts are loose, ensure the safety of use, and do a good job of cleaning regularly.
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