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How to Use Duct Seaming Machine safely?

The duct seaming machine is suitable for the quick joint of the ventilation pipe, the appearance is smooth, the general purpose is strong, the quality of the joint of the pipe is improved, the labor intensity is reduced, and the efficiency of saving labor, saving time and reducing the expenditure is realized. The duct seaming machine adopts heavy chassis, arc welding steel frame, high-quality cylinder,  and ensures the structure is strong and durable, the seam is fast and accurate, and has a long service life. We need to remind you that we should pay attention to safety when using the duct seaming machine.

Note 1. Check the ground protection before installing the duct seaming machine. Leakage protection is necessary.

Note 2. Before operating the duct seaming machine, read instructions and equipment of use parts. It is strictly forbidden to wear fiber gloves during the operation.

Note 3. The chain of the duct seaming machine cannot be adjusted too tightly, the chain is allowed to be wound around 30 - 25mm.

Note 4. When the belt is pressed, the side of the abrasive belt is raised upward, and the groove is adjusted on a straight line, with the press bar wheel; when the joint is combined, the abrasive tool is turned 180 degrees straightening, and the horizontal wheel is combined with the seam.

Note 5. When opening the machine, the hand should not leave the switch. When the rear wheel moves forward, every completion of the press should immediately stop, the duct seaming machine has safety protection stroke switch at both ends, and the protection of the stroke switch cannot be touched during the process of operation.
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