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Structure of the Composition of Lock Making Machine

Structure of the Composition of Auto Duct Line of Nip Machine

The biting machine, also known as reel bone machine, the bite sewing machine, the undercutting machine, the air duct line, the air duct reel bone machine. It is a multi-functional machine, it is mainly used for the processing of the plate connection and the close connection of the round duct. The structure of the bite machine is composed of three parts: the feeding part; the transmission part; the molding part.

1. The feeding part mainly refers to manual feed, which is fed by the gap between the rolls.

2. In the transmission part, the main transmission system is motor-triangular belt-one speed reducer-one open gear-one roll. The main engine is powered by an electromagnetism governing-speed motor, which is driven by a belt pulley and a cylindrical gear reducer to the driving shaft through a pin coupling.

3. The molding part mainly refers to the most part, and the core part is the roll. When the two press rolls are fed too much or squeeze between the rollers.

The biting machine can be used as a manufacturing tool for the air duct line to process various shapes of bone shapes. The thickness of the processed sheet is 0.5-1.5 mm. All gears, shafts, and rolls of the machine are made of high-quality steel. All gears, shafts, and rolls of the machine are made of high-quality steel. After the strict heat treatment process, the machine is durable and of stable quality. It is easy to install, beautiful in appearance, reasonable in mechanical principle, flexible in movement, convenient in operation and so on. It can meet the different requirements of users. The bite machine is suitable for the production of air ducts for ventilation, air conditioning, purification and other devices. According to the requirements, it can be made into a variety of square and rectangular thin plate air ducts. It is an necessary mechanical equipment for the processing of various sheet metal and the production of air duct lines.
Lock Making Machine
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