Precautions for Oil Filling and Reasonable Electricity Use of Spiral Duct Machine

1. What should we pay attention to when filling oil in a fully automatic spiral duct machine?

(1) The pressure gauge of the spiral duct of the automatic spiral duct machine must be checked every 6 months.

(2) Under the nominal pressure of 5Mpa and contact load, the local lubrication height is set to 40mm. Excessive local lubrication can easily cause column distortion and other undesirable conditions.

(3) If the spiral duct machine is closed for a long time, the operator must wipe it clean and apply anti-rust oil.

(4) The engine oil and liquid of the automatic spiral duct machine must be strictly filtered before being injected into the fuel tank.

(5) The hydraulic oil of the automatic spiral duct machine uses No. 46 wear-resistant hydraulic oil, and the temperature of the hydraulic oil is between 15 to 60 °C.

(6) The slider must be filled with oil frequently, the outer surface of the column should be kept clean, and the spiral duct machine must be filled with oil every time it runs.

(7) The oil in the operation of the spiral duct should be replaced once a year, and the replacement time should not exceed 3 months.

2. What should be considered in the reasonable electricity use of the spiral duct machine?

(1) The spiral duct cutter has good compatibility and high degree of standardization;

(2) High airtightness;

(3) The ventilation loss of the spiral duct machine is small, the ventilation noise is small, and the round duct is better than the square duct;

(4) Factory inspection is convenient;

(5) Anti-balanced external pressure (negative pressure) procedure of spiral duct machine;

(6) Save materials;

(7) The spiral duct machine is easy to install, with few connection points, small installation space and low installation cost;

(8) The overall layout of the installation is beautiful and the grade is high;

(9) The daily maintenance and cleaning of the spiral duct machine are easy;

(10) The cross-section is less humid, the creeping resistance is small, and the energy loss is smaller;

(11) Fully mechanical processing, one-time forming without the need for secondary processing;

(12) The spiral duct machine adopts high-speed flying shears, with high duct diameter accuracy)

(13) The spiral duct machine adopts four methods: reducing diameter fitting, sleeve interconnection, flange interconnection, and strap interconnection, which is more convenient to install;

(14) The external insulation quality of the duct is better than that of the rectangular duct.

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