How to Reduce the Material Loss of Duct Production Line

The duct production line adopts advanced numerical control technology and optical fiber information transmission technology to produce different types of ducts. In addition to common air-conditioning ducts and galvanized ducts, it can also produce elbows, tees, S-shaped elbows and other special-shaped duct parts.

The material loss might happen during the large-scale processing of air ducts. If not handled properly, this will cause a lot of resources waste. Anhui Blackma Heavy Industrial Machinery Co.,LTD, a professional manufacturer of duct production line, will show you how to reduce the material loss during the processing of the duct production line.

1. The edge material produced during the cutting of the board should be applied to the top of the air duct if possible. Since the upper layer is hidden, it has lower requirements as long as it does not affect the pipe function.

2. Special-shaped air ducts are processed in a centralized and unified manner for producing special-shaped pipes. And all the large-size plates remaining in the process can be used in subsequent straight pipes.

3. Reduce unnecessary and complicated layouts in duct design to reduce overall material waste.

4. Before processing the air duct, you must read the air duct structure and specifications on the drawing carefully to avoid unnecessary waste when cutting the plate, which is also a key step to reduce loss.

5. Maximize the distance between the ducts when connecting, especially the small ducts can be processed according to the length of the plate, which can save the waste of duct fittings and improve the efficiency of duct processing.

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