Round Duct Elbow Machine

Round Duct Elbow Machine

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Round Duct Elbow Machine Performance Features:


Sheet thickness(mm)












It's also used for interface modeling and commissure of shrimp elbow tube, also elbow machine for spiral round duct is for producing round elbows in ventilation & air conditioning system. With the hydraulic power to ensure higher capacity for spiral round duct. Due to there`re two styles of elbow machine: electric and hydraulic, with two working location both, one is used to process single and double profile, and the other is used to connect and press. And our elbow machine can connect tubes by machine with perfect efficiency, good seal, and stability.It`s easy to operate and it can process tubes with a different diameter.It replaced the traditional handwork method totally.It suits such industries as ventilation, refrigeration, environment protection project. Each equipment in the round duct processing machinery is developed strictly according to the corresponding requirements from rolling, locking, seaming, leveling and beading, each round duct processing requires have a corresponding machine to maximize the efficiency of processing also reduces the cost of customer use and we have high-quality requirements for ourselves. All of our mechanical parts are using the highest quality brand suppliers to ensure the stability and quality of our products. Round duct elbow machine is the only equipment that can connect the round duct and can adjust the wind tube bending direction arbitrarily, and the work diameter is 120mm~1000mm, although the machine is large, the motor power just 3kw, this means that the machine is very energy efficient, this is the biggest surprise for customers in need. We are relentless in pursuit of customer satisfaction commitment: 48 hours of service to users in place. Users think of things we have to think that customers do not want to do we do, users of the products, service quality, reputation, firm, this round duct elbow machine maximum thickness is 1.2mm, also the size of this machine is length: 2220mm, width: 920mm, height: 10500mm, but this machine weight is 450kg. So we added the pulley to the bottom, to make the machine easy to move.

Round Duct Elbow Machine Basic Configuration:

  • One motor
  • One electronic box
  • One control electric system
  • One cylinder
  • One hydraulic system
  • Two footswitch
  • Four pulley
  • One mold

Round Duct Elbow Machine
Round Duct Elbow Machine
Round Duct Elbow Machine
Round Duct Elbow Machine
Round Duct Elbow Machine
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