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Duct Corner Punching Machine

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  • Duct Corner Punching MachineDuct Corner Punching Machine2017/12/12Duct Corner Punching Machine Performance features:ModelPressure(KN)Dimension of die holder(mm)Slider strokeSlider stroke timesPower(kw)Dimensions(mm)L*W*HJ23-25T25040*6070602.21220*920*2060J23-40T4005...
  • Electric Lock Seaming MachineElectric Lock Seaming Machine2017/12/12Electric Lock Seaming Machine Performance Feature:Electric lock seaming machine can lock 0.3-1.2 square HVAC air duct. This machine is small and very easy to operate. It's suitable for lock closing du...
  • Electric Shearing MachineElectric Shearing Machine2017/12/12Performacne Features: The machine is overall steel-welded and gate-type with chain drive.The motor has its own brake, which means no power consuming when not shearing. It's suitable for processing she...
  • Leveling And Beading MachineLeveling And Beading Machine2017/12/12Leveling And Beading Machine Performance Feature:Leveling and beading machine is a upgraded machine of line 5 beading machine. The machine adds leveling function before grooving based on sheet metal b...
  • TDF Flange Forming MachineTDF Flange Forming Machine2017/12/12Performance Features:Apply shared-plate flange, therefore, the rectangle ductwork flange can be fast processed.The machine applies both sides feeding and simultaneously shaping work mode, one side for...
  • Duplex Flange Forming MachineDuplex Flange Forming Machine2017/12/12Duplex Flange Forming Machine Technical Performance Feature:Duplex TDF flange forming machine can form flange shape at two sides of sheet metal simultaneously. The machine adopts double-side drive wit...
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    Shearing Machine Working Principle

    September 4, 2020The process of producing air duct cannot be separated from the shearing machine which belongs to a kind of forging machinery, and its main function is to process the air duct. The following is the int...view
  • Auto Duct Line 3 Delievery

    Auto Duct Line 3 Delievery

    December 29, 2017On December 26, 2017, the Auto duct line 3 of BLKMA Company that can work efficiently and accurately with full numerical control was sent to the United States.view
  • Analysis on the Advantages of the Basic Application of Auto Duct Line

    Analysis on the Advantages of the Basic Application of Auto Duct Line

    July 30, 2018Below is the analysis of the basic application advantages of auto duct line. Focusing on summarizing several operational advantages of the auto duct line, we hope our introduction can help you underst...view
  • Introduction of Spiral Pipe Making Machine Technology

    Introduction of Spiral Pipe Making Machine Technology

    July 25, 2019With the development of the city, after many years of using the drainage pipeline system in the city, due to the erosion of sewage, long-term scouring, foundation settlement and other reasons, the con...view
  • Hvac Duct Making & Working Machine

    Hvac Duct Making & Working Machine

    March 27, 2018HVAC duct machines are a must for the duct forming in the production of HVAC ducts. There are various types and specifications of HAVC duct making machines, the finishing equipment mainly applied to t...view
  • Auto Duct Production Line Introduced

    Auto Duct Production Line Introduced

    December 29, 2017The BLKMA Company introduced the auto-based production line faced to Europe, which greatly improved the safety performance of the machine and was appreciated by European customers.view