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Analysis of Trouble Factors In the Use of Hand Folding Machine

What are the main factors for the malfunction of the hand flanging machine?

In actual use, there are three kinds of factors that cause the malfunction of hand flanging machines, such as wear fault, corrosive fault, and fracture fault.

Wear failures are very common in actual use, it mainly refers to the fact that the wear between parts is more serious. Such abnormal situation occurred is exceeded the original limit of the hand flanging machine parts, corrosion failure here refers mainly to the corrosion of metals. But in terms of metal corrosion alone, it can be divided into chemistry, electrochemical, material corrosion, and so on. But the fault of fracture is divided into thermal fatigue fracture, plastic fracture, and mechanical fatigue fracture;

Hand folding machine in the daily use of the process, there are a lot of things that we need to pay attention to. If it is blindly used, and do not pay attention to the maintenance of equipment, it will be serious to shorten the service life of the hand folding machine!

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