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Working Principle of Automatic Beading Machine

The working principle of the automatic beading machine is that the vibration of the machine causes the movement of beads, so that the holes of beads will automatically enter the fixed needle to complete the process of automatic beading.

The maximum characteristics of the automatic beading machine is fast and the movement process of beads is driven by the roller into the conveying plastic pipe. The residence time of beads in the vibration part is only a few seconds, which will not cause any damage to the surface of beads. At the same time, the pin part is a small spring and can be wrapped with soft glue, which will not cause any damage to beads. So the machine is fast and safe for the product. The technology content of automatic beading machine is high, which has higher requirements for manufacturers who have beading machine for sale.

Operation process:

1. Fix the bead-string needle on the bead-string machine first, and string the thread at the tail with it.
2. The beads are poured into the hopper of the conveying part of the beading machine.
3. Open the power supply of the conveying part to let the beads enter the conveying pipeline automatically.
4. Turn on the oscillator switch and let the beads start to work.
5. Open the pin part switch to let the beads move down automatically and complete the bead string operation.
6. When the beads reach a certain amount, open the string and let the beads enter the line.

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