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The Advantages of TDF Flange Forming Machine

As a kind of connecting equipment commonly used in pipeline installation, TDF flange forming machine is more and more popular in China. For TDF flange forming machine, its biggest characteristic is reliable sealing, high intensity, good appearance, which makes installation more convenient. Compared with the common flanged pipe, this kind is lighter in weight, saves labor, material and input cost. On the other hand, the manufacture of common TDF flange forming machine is different from other pipe materials. By pressing the scale straight pipe from the assembly line directly into the joint flange and after blanking non-standard straight pipe, elbow, tee, tee, fittings, etc., flange forming is completed on single machine equipment. Among them, the flange angle is directly stamped and shaped by the mold, and it can be stuck in four corners when installing.

The connection between flanges is made of galvanized steel plate, which is cut into the same size for installation and connection. Because the TDF flange forming machine is connected with the pipeline steel plate, there is no need for hole riveting like Angle steel flange. A special flange card can be used for the connection of two pipes while the four corners are bolted with a 90-degree flange Angle. The whole process is simple and ensures the quality of the product. In recent years, with the increase of the utilization rate of air-conditioning, ventilation system, and other equipment, the demand for TDF flange forming machine and other special parts is also increasing. The continuous improvement of science and technology has also promoted the innovation of TDF flange forming machine. In many have projects, the TDF flange forming machine will be the key factor affecting the quality of the whole project, so the quality of such products is also the key point of many construction units.
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