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Application Of Automatic Elbow Machine

In today's society with rapid technological development, in order to supply people's needs, there are also a variety of construction machinery and equipment on the market, which is convenient, fast and efficient to use. Today we are going to discuss the use method of an automatic elbow machine of Blackma.

Scope of use: This machine can process square pipe, round pipe, stainless steel pipe, rectangular pipe and copper pipe. It is mainly used for furniture, fitness equipment, decorative materials, amusement equipment, machinery accessories manufacturing.

Work display: It uses advanced embedded micro-computer intelligent control system, angle input to achieve digitization. It can set 10 groups of bending angles at the same time, and accomplish multiple angles at one time, thus doubling the efficiency. The gearbox gears use high strength alloy steel with a one-time qualitative bending pipe, which guarantees the uniform bending radius size and it is suitable for small radius bending.

Operating method: Adjust the angle value of NC panel according to the required angle. Put the pipe into the abrasive tool and press the roller. Exclusive pipe bender with clutch has been granted the national patent. After each pipe bending, it automatically returns to zero. There is no deviation in the repeated elbow. It is also of fully enclosed reducer, gear transmission, and easy maintenance.

Automatic elbow machine is one of the types of pipe bender and an important member of the pipe bender family. The installation position of the die is located on the platform.

It mainly aims at parts processing in furniture manufacturing industry, fitness equipment industry, transportation pipeline industry, automobile parts manufacturing industry, leisure and entertainment equipment industry and other industries. It has many advantages, such as multi-function, reasonable structure, simple operation and so on.

Welcome to order automatic elbow machine of Blackma.
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