Air Volume and Production Analysis of Automatic Spiral Duct Machine

1. What happens when the automatic spiral air duct machine produces spiral air ducts slowly?

When we found that the duct production speed of the spiral duct machine changed, it was mainly because the speed of our spiral duct machine changed a little when it was working.

Due to metallurgy, very high temperatures are required in order to meet the conditions of use. Nowadays, the facilities of the spiral duct machine have been improved a lot. In use, it has a great relationship with the development of metallurgical technology. In order to facilitate the operation, the staff of the spiral duct machine will introduce to you that the spiral duct machine is in use, no lubrication is required, so that the exhaust gas does not contain oil.

If the spiral duct machine is used for a long time, the structural parameters of its main components have reached the limit value, and the functional output parameters are seriously exceeded, and the economy of use will be significantly reduced. At this time, the spiral duct machine is in the limit technology. If it is in the same state, it needs to be overhauled or updated in time. The repaired parts and components of the spiral duct machine can only be put into use after the technical performance has been tested and up to the standard.

2. How can the automatic spiral duct machine be more efficient in production?

Formaldehyde-free environmental protection fireproof and thermal insulation air ducts can also be used. This is a high-tech environmental protection energy material. It has a variety of excellent properties, not only in terms of good thermal insulation performance, but also can reduce air leakage and improve air output. Efficiency, reduce friction loss, formaldehyde-free environmental protection fire insulation duct is also very high-quality in terms of environmental protection performance. It can bring clean air, thereby improving indoor air quality, and at the same time, it has the advantages of reducing noise and keeping the environment quiet.

In the process of designing the automatic spiral duct manufacturing machines, the principle of average force should be followed, so that each pass and roller can be equally stressed, so that the degree of wear will be very balanced and its service life will be extended. Secondly, pay attention to the rolling stability of the spiral duct machine.

When designing and producing, pay attention to the symmetry of the roller processing, and calculate the denatured neutralization layer and the amount of materials in advance. Thirdly, the problem of bending and twisting may occur in the production process. This phenomenon is mainly caused by the unbalanced force. The best solution is to balance the force in the design and process it accurately. Finally, pay attention to the accuracy of the roller processing and the processing protection of the track arc part during production.

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