Analysis of Spiral Air Duct Machine Market Sales Development

Fully automatic spiral duct machine is a machine for producing spiral ducts. Fully automatic spiral duct machine, also known as spiral bite seam thin-walled pipe, is used in the military industry of western countries, such as warships and ships' air discharge (supply) systems, and later used in civil facilities such as trains, subways, and mines. By 2000, according to statistics, the use of spiral air ducts in office buildings, shopping malls, and subways in the United States reached 95.6%, and the application of spiral air ducts in central air-conditioning in residential buildings reached 72.5%.

In 2004, a Chinese company took the lead in introducing Swiss production technology, and successively developed various types of spiral duct machines. With mature production technology, excellent quality and affordable price, it quickly occupied the domestic market and hit the international market.

1. The market sales of spiral duct machines are booming

The oval spiral duct manufacturers have the idea that the sales of the spiral duct machine are much more prosperous than in previous years. The transmission system of the spiral duct machine is activated in the market, so that the driving roller rotates, and the section steel moves smoothly and slowly through friction, realizing continuous work.

The automatic hydraulic spiral duct machine is a necessary equipment for the processing and production of the supporting steel arch in the tunnel, and it is also a new type of equipment for China's engineering construction. On the other hand, after the operation of the solenoid is completed, the transmission system of the solenoid is closed, and the hydraulic system is activated at the same time to recover the hydraulic cylinder. The spiral duct machine has high working efficiency and is easy to understand.

The fully automatic spiral air duct mechanical equipment and automatic beading machine adopt mechatronics design, with a high degree of automation, reliable performance and convenient operation. Many users are inquiring about the thickness and bandwidth of the spiral duct machine.

2. The double benefits of the spiral duct machine are embodied in two aspects

First, the spiral duct machine has a very fast production speed and a high delivery rate, which greatly improves the actual efficiency of production and creates huge benefits for the enterprise. The spiral duct machine occupies a very small area, and the specific operation is simple and convenient.

The second is the multiple and sufficient safety protection inside the light steel keel. The material of the main body is relatively good, the actual pressure is large, it is not easy to be deformed, and the frame structure is strong and the use time is long.

The production of spiral duct machines is in a booming state.

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