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Key Points for the Use of the Locking Making Machine

1. The thickness of the plate of the nip machine should be within the delimited category of various specifications. If it is less than the minimum thickness, it is easy to crack and wrinkle when using. If it is greater than the maximum thickness, the abnormal destruction of the forming roller will be caused by the increase of the bending force, the overload of the transmission system, and nausea cars, because it is inversely proportional to the square of the thickness of the plate.

2. The minimum length of the bite segment of the plate should be no less than 300mm, otherwise when the plate and the forming roll rub at the same time, the resulting resistance is larger than the friction force of the forward feeding plate, and the plate slips between the forming rolls and the wear of the roll forming part is accelerated.

3. Before use, the commissioning of the feed guide shall be strictly adjusted according to the commissioning requirements of the equipment, and the feed guide rail shall be adjusted to the designated size and then make it firm. If the size range of the actual position of the feed guide is less than the defined size, the biting mouth will  not be formed; if the size range is larger than the defined size, two sheets cannot contact and material will be wasted because the size of the feed guide is too wide and the bite size is wrong; if the feed guide is inclined and tense, it is easy to cause the deviation of uneven bite width.

4. The processing ability of the bite machine is planned according to the processing of the ordinary steel plate. Ordinary steel sheet, galvanized steel sheet, and plastic composite steel plate are commonly used and they all have excellent bite molding function. The strength of the stainless steel plate is better than that of the ordinary steel plate. Before using the stainless steel plate to bite, first of all, it is necessary to be formed to avoid overloading and cause excessive wear or machine trouble. Because the plastic of the aluminum plate is poor, the bite is easy to crack when it is formed, and the forming experiment should be made before the construction. At the same time, because the aluminum plate is lacking in elasticity, the aluminum plate duct cannot carry on the dark button type bite.

5. The adjustment of the radial clearance of the upper and lower forming rollers not only requires tightness but also requires consistency. If the clearance is too small and the feeding is difficult, even after the forced feeding, the bite crack will be tense. If the clearance is too large, the shape of the bite is irregular or the plate slips between the forming rollers. When a stainless steel plate or aluminum plate is used to bite, the radial clearance should be adjusted and be larger than the gap required by the same thickness plate, or it will cause the overloading of the equipment or the cracking of the bite.
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