How Much Do You Know about the Spiral Elbow Machine?

Spiral tubes, also called spiral seam thin-walled pipes, were first used in the military industry of Western countries, such as air (supply) systems of warships and ships, and later used in trains, subways, mines and other civilian facilities. An estimated 95.6% of spiral tubes had been applied in American office buildings, shopping malls and subways by 2000, and 72.5% in central air conditioning in residential buildings. For example, in factories and production sites where harmful gases may generate, those gases need to be discharged outdoors and outdoor air needs to be transported indoors. At this point, air delivery pipes with high flow and low pressure is needed, and spiral tubes are the most appropriate. Generally, galvanized iron ducts are used in corrosive and especially humid places, instead of stainless-steel ducts.


The spiral elbow machine, made to produce spiral tubes, is mainly composed of a transmission machine and a forming machine. The spiral ducts, due to its features, requires that the transmission machine must achieve both rotation and linear motion, and the forming of the spiral ducts must be slow. However, considering the processing efficiency, the speed of demold should be faster, thus to achieve in a mode of two speeds control. The forming machine, including molding and demolding, is mainly composed of a spiral mold, an auxiliary pressing wheel and a guide rod.


BLKMA can provide spiral elbow machine for clients who have special needs. These products can realize the automation of spiral air ducts, with stable and reliable product quality and high efficiency. They can also reduce labor intensity of workers, reduce equipment manufacturing costs and energy consumption with a cost-effective price.

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