Maintenance and Use of Spiral Duct Machine

Ⅰ. How to maintain spiral duct machine equipment and rectangular duct processing equipment

The five-line production line refers to the process in which the whole process from the input of raw materials to the forming of pipe fittings is completed continuously and independently by mechanical processing equipment. How to maintain and maintain the five lines of the pipe fitting production line?

1. Regularly check the working conditions of the five lines of the pipe fitting production line, and correct the problems in time to prevent the occurrence of safety accidents.

2. Always keep the surface clean. When not in use for a long time, smear anti-rust grease on the surface.

3. The five-line maintenance cycle of the pipe fitting production line is usually half a year, and the mechanical equipment is disassembled for inspection and maintenance.

4. Regularly adding an appropriate amount of lubricating oil to the transmission gear can reduce the degree of wear and tear during the operation of the machine.

5. Select the machine for transportation. When it must be handled manually, do not use too much force to avoid damage to the machine.

Ⅱ. The use of automatic spiral duct machine equipment

In our many ventilation systems, the equipment has played a great role and brought a lot of help to our lives, but I believe that many people do not know much about our automatic spiral duct machine equipment, then , in order to better understand our spiral duct machine equipment today, we will introduce the principle and use of the equipment.

Spiral duct machine is a machine for producing spiral pipe fittings. Spiral pipe fittings are also known as spiral seam thin-walled pipes. First of all, they should be used in the military industry of western countries, such as the exhaust system of warships and ships, and then in civilian facilities such as trains, subways, and mines. By 2000, according to statistics, 95.6% of the spiral pipe fittings in office buildings, shopping malls, subways, etc. in the United States, and 72.5% of the spiral pipe fittings in the central air-conditioning of residential buildings.

The pipe fittings are mainly used to connect the air between the two places and play the role of ventilation. At present, the spiral pipe fittings are widely used in the market. The application scope of the spiral pipe fittings is very wide. Air ventilation pipes, air intake and exhaust pipe fittings for environmental protection systems, mining exhaust pipes, mining tape air ducts, etc. Spiral pipe fittings are thin-walled pipe fittings that are spirally meshed with metal strips. Air leakage, no water leakage, mostly in air supply and bulk material transportation, instead of traditional white iron pipes, a type of pipe fittings, full mechanism, straight pipes do not need to be tapped by hand.

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