Effective Production and Anti-corrosion of Spiral Duct Machine

Ⅰ. How to produce spiral duct machines more effectively?

You can choose a formaldehyde-free environmentally friendly fireproof insulation air duct. It is a high-tech environmentally friendly energy material with a variety of excellent properties. The performance of the environmentally friendly fireproof and thermal insulation air duct is manifested in good thermal insulation, and it is reflected in the lower air leakage rate. Such excellent characteristics improve air output efficiency and reduce friction loss. The formaldehyde-free environmentally friendly fireproof and thermal insulation air duct is also very good in environmental protection performance. It can clean the air, thereby improving the indoor air quality, and at the same time has the advantages of reducing noise and keeping the environment quiet.

When designing a spiral duct machine, we should follow the principle of average force, let each lane and the roller receive the force on average, so that the wear degree will be very balanced and its service life will be extended.

When designing and producing spiral duct machines, pay attention to the symmetry of roller processing. And we should calculate the denaturation, deneutral layer, and materials in advance. Thirdly, there may be bending and distortion in the production process. An unbalanced force mainly causes this phenomenon. The best solution is to balance the force and process accurately in the design of a spiral duct machine. Finally, pay attention to the accuracy of roller processing and the protection of the arc part of the track during production.

Ⅱ. Production and anti-corrosion of spiral duct machine

We should choose a safe, qualified and reliable means of transport to transport all kinds of steel, plate. During the transportation process of the spiral air duct machine, we must bind the profile and the transportation tool firmly and pay attention to safety in the unloading process. Two or more people should cooperate in loading and unloading larger profiles to prevent themselves and others from being injured.

When using the hydraulic sheet metal folding machine, electric drill, stitch welding machine, and other small and medium-sized electric machines, the wiring operation must be carried out by a professional licensed electrician. It is strictly forbidden for non-electrician to operate wiring to prevent electric shock accidents. In the process of handling the spiral duct machine, we must pay attention to the road situation. We should clear the obstacles on the road in advance, carry and put the air duct lightly. It is strictly forbidden to throw it and hurt others at will. Two people should coordinate when lifting the air duct, lift and place at the same tempo to prevent sprain and injury.

When placing the air duct of the spiral duct machine on-site, they should be placed in a spacious and flat position and placed neatly. And the number of layers shall not be too high to prevent the collapse of air duct injury accidents.

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