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Auto Duct Production Line

Duct production line includes auto duct line 5U, auto duct line 4, auto duct line 3 and auto duct line 2. The difference is diverse functions. Line 2 can uncoil, level, bead, notch and shear sheet metal. Line 3 can uncoil, level, bead, notch, shear and fold sheet metal. Compared with line 3, line 4 adds functions below: TDF flange making, Pittsburgh lock forming. Line 5U adds folding sheet metal function at the end based on the functions of line 4. So auto duct line 5U is a fully automatic machine. In general, to make whole HVAC duct, the auto duct line 2 needs to be used with lock forming machine, TDF flange forming machine and TDF folding machine. For duct production line, all CNC system is Japan Mitsubishi. We will send the whole machine to customers, but due to big dimension, auto line 5U and auto line 4 need to be installed, we will send you videos for how to install big duct production line. Besides, we can also provide engineers overseas service, but our price does not include flight and hotel charges because some customers do not need this service. About the color of machines, it can be chosen according to customers' requirement.