Blackma Production of Wind Pipe Sewing Machine

Seaming machine, also known as lock seaming machine, undercut machine, duct seaming machine , duct reeling machine, vertical seaming machine. It is a multifunctional machine, mainly used for the closed joints of metal plate connections and pipelines. The main points of use of the duct seaming machine: It can meet the various shapes of the pipe shape. The plate thickness is 0.5-1.5 mm. All gears, shafts, and rollers are made of high-quality steel and undergo a strict heat treatment process. All things ensure mechanical durability, stable quality, convenient installation, beautiful appearance, reasonable mechanical principle, flexible movement, convenient operation, etc., and meet the requirements of different users.

This duct seaming machine produced by BLKMA is suitable for purification devices for ventilation, air conditioning, and pipeline production. According to requirements, it can be made into various square and rectangular thin plate pipes. It is essential for various sheet metal processing, pipe manufacturing, and mechanical equipment, etc. The key points for using the duct seaming machine: The thickness of the seaming board should be within the defined range of products of various specifications. The duct seaming machine is easy to install and operate, so it greatly improves efficiency, saves costs, has a flat and smooth appearance, accurate dimensions, strong interchangeability, stable product quality, and is welcomed by the market. In addition, according to customer needs, we can customize different sizes and different mouth types of the plate flange and produce stainless steel ducts.

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