How to Reduce the Material Loss when the Duct is Processed in the Duct Production Line

The duct production line will produce a large amount of material loss when processing ducts on a large scale. If improperly handled, excessive loss will cause a lot of waste of resources. Let us introduce how to reduce the material loss when ducts are processed in duct production line.

1. The edge material produced during the cutting process of the plate should be applied to the top of the duct of the duct production line as much as possible. Because the upper layer is concealed, it can be used as long as it does not affect the processing of the duct itself of the duct production line.

2. Special-shaped ducts are processed in a centralized and unified manner, and the special-shaped pipes are processed as far as possible, so that all the large-size plates remaining in the processing of the special-shaped pipes can be applied to the subsequent straight pipes.

3. Reduce unnecessary and complicated layouts in the design of the duct processing of duct production line so as to reduce the overall material waste.

4. Before processing the duct in the duct production line, the duct structure and specifications on the drawing should be carefully understood to avoid unnecessary waste when cutting boards, which is also a key step to reduce losses.

5. The distance of the ducts processing of the duct production line is maximized when they are connected, especially the small branch duct can be processed according to the length of the plate, which can save the waste of duct auxiliary materials for the duct production line and speed up the efficiency of duct processing.

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