Precautions in the Operation and Oiling of the Spiral Duct Machine

How to operate the automatic spiral duct machine? What are the precautions when oiling? The automatic spiral duct machine is a common equipment for producing ducts and has good performance. Before using it, you need to have a certain understanding of the operation method of the device, so as to use the device better. In addition, pay attention to proper maintenance of it and regular oiling.

Below we will introduce the operation method of the spiral duct machine and the precautions for oiling!

1. What are the steps of the operation method of the spiral duct machine?

(1) Before starting the machine: when operating the duct production line, the staff should be familiar with the structure, function and use of the rolling mill, and can only operate it with the permission of the management personnel. Before starting the machine, check the safety devices carefully.

(2) During the operation of the spiral duct machine: do not put the feet or supporting feet on the transmission parts and workpieces of the roller. After it is disconnected, the clutch should be put into neutral gear. A special person is required to guide the work when a group of people are working together. Overloading is strictly prohibited.

(3) After operation: when the operation is over, the power supply should be cut off and the power box of the duct production line should be locked. After the main machine is turned off, the overturn bearing of the upper roller duct production line should be reset and the correct adjustment of the upper roller should be maintained. Also keep removing debris to maintain the machine clean.

2. What are the precautions when oiling the spiral duct machine?

(1) It is necessary to check the pressure gauge for spiral duct machine every six months.

(2) Under the nominal pressure of 5MPa.

(3) When the spiral duct machine is shut down for a long time, the operator should wipe it clean and apply anti-rust oil.

(4) The oil and liquid of the spiral duct need to be strictly filtered before they are allowed to be injected into the fuel tank.

(5) The working oil of the spiral duct machine adopts No. 46 wear-resistant hydraulic oil, and the working oil temperature is between 15 to 60 degrees Celsius.

(6) Lubricating oil should be injected into the slider frequently, the outer surface of the column should be kept clean, and the spiral duct machine should be filled with oil before each operation.

(7) The oil in the operation of the flat oval spiral duct should be replaced once a year, and the replacement time should not exceed three months.

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