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Changes in the State of Technology of Spiral Tube Forming Machine

The spiral tube forming machine will be affected by various factors in use. These factors include:

1. The function of the surrounding medium energy, including the function of operators, repairmen, and environmental conditions.

2. The operation of the spiral tube forming machine and the internal factors related to the work of various institutions such as various loads, vibration and temperature.

3. In the manufacturing and assembly of the latent energy gathered in the parts of the spiral tube forming machine, this energy mainly exists in the form of mechanical energy, heat energy, and chemical energy. When the energy reaches a certain value, it will first cause the damage of the parts, such as wear, deformation, crack, fatigue, corrosion and so on. And the occurrence of damage will make the structural parameters of the components of the spiral pipe machine be changed.

If the spiral tube forming machine is used for a long time, the structural parameters of its main parts reach the limit value, and the function output parameters are severely limited, the economy will decrease obviously. At this time the spiral tube forming machine is in the ultimate technology state, it needs to be repaired or updated in time, and at this time, the repaired spiral tube forming machine needs to be overhauled or updated. The technical performance of each component can be put into use after it is up to standard in testing.
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