Reel Shear Beading Machine

Reel Shear Beading Machine

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Reel Shear Beading Machine Performance features:


Sheet thickness(mm)








Reel shear beading machine




Reel shear beading machine is a combination of shearing and beading, the operator only needs to change shearing mold or beading mold. The machine is used to cut, bead/groove thin sheet meral. suitable for thin plate shear, grooving, has the processing time width is enough, It has a width and large processing timeliness, easy to operate, applies strong features, and is widely used in windpipe processing and manufacturing. This machine maximum thickness is 1.2mm, and the motor power is 1.5kw, so it's not very high energy consumption, also this reel shear beading machine is very small, the weight just 260kg, so it can be moved anywhere and start to work. Very convenient and practical, cost-effective also very high. Can solve a lot of trouble for the customer. BLKMA brand has always been a professional manufacturer of rectangular duct machinery, we can provide customers with very professional purchasing advice to help customers more reasonable match and choose the corresponding machines for saving cost and improve work efficiency. At the same time, the rectangular duct machine can provide the corresponding motor power and voltage according to the customer's local power environment to ensure customers in different parts of the world can safely use BLKMA’s reel shear beading machine. Our factory is located in the center of China's machine tool industry, Ma'anShan Bowang District Dongcheng Industrial Park, it is very convenient only takes 20mins to Nanjing Lukou International airport and connected with Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Shanghai. We are one of the leading manufacturers of duct forming machine since 1994. Based on the quality of the product management, its excellent quality, innovative design, reasonable price, and improve after-sales service to win the majority of Chinese and foreign customers praise. BLKMA Brand is popular in the market domestic and abroad. The BLKMA brand is the best choice.

Reel Shear Beading Machine Basic configuration:

  • One motor
  • One electronic box
  • One control electric system
  • One cylinder
  • One foot switch
  • Four pulley

Reel Shear Beading Machine

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