How to Maintain CNC Riveting Machine in the Air Duct Equipment

In the air duct production line, the CNC riveting machine mainly relies on rotation and pressure to complete the assembly. It is mainly used in the occasions where riveting is required. The common specifications are pneumatic, hydraulic and electric, single head and double head. 

Because of its convenience, high efficiency and easy operation, it is more and more accepted by the majority of manufacturers and customers. In order to prolong its service life, the later maintenance is essential. How to maintain the CNC riveting machine, the following is a simple introduction:

1. Do not process the workpiece above the nominal capacity.

2. Do not work under high pressure for a long time

3. The protruding length of rivet head shall not exceed the specified value.

4. In case of any abnormality, stop the machine immediately for maintenance, which directly leads to troubleshooting.

5. Grease shall be applied to the guide rail of the equipment once a month to make it lubricated and antirust.

6. The installation and disassembly of rivet head should be light and slow, especially when removing the rivet head, do not pull out with brute force, but rotate the rivet head and pull it out slowly and downward.

7. In order to ensure the quality of riveting, the rivet head should be cleaned regularly to prevent the metal from bonding. During cleaning, the rivet head is fixed on the chuck of the lathe, and then polished with sandpaper.

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