How to Prevent the Heat Treatment Deformation of the Spiral Duct Machine and the Low-temperature Env

Ⅰ. How to prevent the heat treatment deformation of the spiral duct machine?

1. Reasonable selection of spiral duct machine. For complex micro-deformation die steel (vacuum hardened steel) with good material; for the steel required by the spiral duct machine with serious carbide segregation, reasonable forging and quenching and tempering heat treatment should be carried out; for large and unforgeable die steel, Can be solid solution double refinement heat treatment.

2. The structure design of the spiral duct machine should be reasonable. The thickness should not be too different from the thinness, and the shape should be symmetrical. For large-deformed molds, it is necessary to master the deformation laws and reserve machining allowances. For large-scale, precise and complex molds, a combined structure can be used.

3. On the premise of mold hardness, the spiral duct machine adopts pre-cooling, hierarchical cooling quenching or warm quenching process as far as possible.

4. For the spiral duct machine, if conditions permit, try to use vacuum heating quenching and cryogenic treatment after quenching.

5. The complex mold of the spiral duct machine must be pre-heated, and the residual stress generated during the machining process.

6. Pre-heat treatment, aging heat treatment, tempering and nitriding heat treatment can be used to control the accuracy of the mold for the body parts of some spiral duct machines.

7. When repairing defects such as blisters, pores, abrasion and other defects of spiral duct machines, use cold welders and other repair equipment with low heat impact to avoid deformation during the repair process.

Ⅱ. How does the spiral duct machine deal with the low-temperature environment?

The heat preservation performance of the spiral duct machine is better. In addition, the specifications of the thermal insulation materials should meet the requirements of the use and design of the air duct system, and the thermal insulation materials should have qualified certificates such as product quality certificates. So the key is to choose a reliable and professional ducting machine supplier.

Use insulation materials to effectively protect the spiral duct machine, so that it will not be damaged when used in winter. As for the air duct, the flame-retardant closed-cell rubber-plastic sponge insulation material is generally selected, and the smoke exhaust duct uses a non-combustible aluminum foil glass panel. These two materials are more commonly used and have better thermal insulation properties.

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