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Angle Shearing Machine

Angle steel shearing machine has functions below: angle steel cutting and sheet metal hole punching. About hole punching, customers can choose to punch round hole or oral hole according to different demand. Usually, working range of machine is 30/40/50 angle steel for HVAC duct. Besides, we can also customize other working range of customers. With regard to control method, the angle cutting machine is electric+hydraulic. Considering that sometimes motor requirement is different in different countries, our company can change voltage, phase and Hz for users. When using this machine, we need to know that angle cutting and hole punching cannot work simultaneously. Processing is step by step. The machine is easy-operated type, not CNC machine. The advantage of easy-operated type is easier to move on site than CNC angle shearing machine because of smaller dimension. Users can choose between them based on needs. Color of machines can be chosen too. This machine can be customized to make arc angle if needed. Another machine, angle cutting machine can be divided into two types, pneumatic and hydraulic angle cutting machine. The machine is used to shear right angle sheet metal, steel/galvanized sheet max thickness 3 mm, stainless steel max thickness 2 mm.
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