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Application and Advantages of Duct Cutting Machine

In recent years, with the transformation of the traditional manufacturing industry, the application of stainless steel pipes which are difficult to process is more and more. The traditional processing methods of stainless steel pipes can not meet the needs of modern production day by day. The advent of duct cutting machine has brought unprecedented leap to the processing methods of stainless steel pipes.

Advantages and innovations:

1. Improving and mitigating installation safety and fire safety;
2. Precision cutting. After cutting, both sides of the pipe are flat and easy to connect.
3. The cutting method is simple, fast and saves a lot of working time.
4. Provide a portable working method, and the cutting program can be done according to the workplace (site);
5. High safety, and no need to move the pipe by hand when working.
6. There will be no sparks and dust when cutting.
7. Full-featured, and it can cut all kinds of built pipelines in power system.
8. Cutting pipes are made of steel, stainless steel, cast iron, copper, plastic and multi-layer pipes.
9. There is no specific requirement for pipe diameter and working platform.
10. Good quality and low price, high performance-price ratio.

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