The Approaches to Solve the Problems of TDF Flange Forming Machine

During the processing of the auto duct line, the TDF flange forming machine may break down thus interrupting the whole process. At this time, it should be stopped for repair. There are many types of TDF flange forming machine problems, such as internal hardware aging, human error, and etc.

If there is a mechanical hardware problem, we need to clearly determine which part of the component is wrong, and we will directly exchange it with new hardware equipment. It is also possible that the system problems occur, one of the best detection methods is using the conventional electrical tester. We should use different solutions to deal with different problems.

When the TDF flange forming machine system fails, conventional electrical testing instruments are usually used. According to the circuit diagram of the flange forming machine and system, judge the voltage, power supply and pulse signal of the faulty part. If the input voltage of the power supply exceeds the limit, the network voltage can be measured by a voltmeter for power monitoring, or real-time monitoring by the voltage tester to eliminate other reasons. In case of failure of position control loop of TDF flange forming machine, use the oscilloscope to check the signal state of measurement loop, or use the flanged oscilloscope to observe whether the signal output is default phase or there is any interference. In a certain state of operation, in order to ensure the safe production, the manufacturer also needs to run the safe quality test.

The TDF flange forming machine, the present steel plate shearer, the flanging machine and other mechanical processing equipment together constitute a simple and automatic air duct production line. The TDF flange forming machine is purchased by most small manufacturing enterprises to meet their production needs, also because of its characteristics: strict machine structure, stable and reliable performance, saving a lot of resources and improving production efficiency.
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