Maintenance Workflow of Spiral Duct Machinery and Factors Affecting Efficiency

Ⅰ. Mechanical maintenance work flow of spiral duct machine

The daily maintenance of each spiral duct machine can not be interrupted, especially can not be ignored. The safe operation rules of the spiral duct machine are established. The operation process of this machine can not touch the mold, if the work needs not to touch, the hand should be placed in the direction of the pipe. The operator should be in a fixed position and must not be changed at will.

Before driving, check that the lubrication points are added to each lubrication point. Special attention should be paid to the high-speed and high-temperature resistant lubricating oil of the aircraft main shaft. It is not suitable to add two or three times every two days.

The temperature of the solder extrusion is too high. It is recommended to use synthetic composite aluminum-based grease under high temperature and high humidity conditions, and adjust the large hexagonal nut and the drawing plate at the same time to avoid the non-vertical work surface of the extrusion roller, which will cause the screw of the extrusion roller to be damaged.

The gearbox is lubricated with good gear oil. Generally speaking, 230# gear oil is for reference only, because of the difference between north and south. Carefully check the bearing of the gearbox, pay attention to the working environment of the gearbox, and check the gearbox bearing in time when you hear an abnormal sound. The bearing type should be the fragile part. Once the gear is damaged, the gear cannot be repaired, etc., and the loss will be greater.

When installing the spiral tube grinding roller, the internal control and shaft should be filled with appropriate amount of oil, and the bearing should be filled with enough grease to facilitate loading and unloading. The coolant should be directed towards the roll surface and not towards the bearings or other components. Spiral wind turbine equipment should be regularly overhauled, regularly cleaned, maintained and maintained.

Ⅱ. The efficiency of the spiral duct machine is affected by many factors.

Common factors include:

1. The role of surrounding medium energy, including the role of operators, repairers and environmental conditions;

2. Internal factors related to the operation of the spiral duct machine and the work of each mechanism, such as various loads, vibration, temperature, etc.;

3. The latent energy accumulated in the parts of the spiral duct machine during manufacturing and assembly. These energy mainly exist in the form of mechanical energy, thermal energy and chemical energy. When the energy reaches a certain value, the parts will be damaged first. It is manifested as wear, deformation, cracks, fatigue, corrosion, etc. The appearance of damage will also change the structural parameters of the parts of the spiral tube making machine.

If the spiral duct machine is used for a long time, the structural parameters of its main components have reached the limit value, and the functional output parameters are seriously exceeded, and the economy of use will be significantly reduced. At this time, the spiral duct machine is in the limit technology. If it is in the same state, it needs to be overhauled or updated in time. The repaired parts and components of the spiral duct machine can only be put into use after the technical performance has been tested and up to the standard.

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