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The Difference Between Hydraulic Riveting Machine and Pneumatic Riveting Machine

According to different power modes, riveting machine can be divided into pneumatic riveting machine and hydraulic riveting machine. This is a new type of riveting equipment, which is made according to the principle of cold rolling. Its main purpose is to rivet the articles together with rivets. The riveting machine is mainly assembled by rotation and pressure, which is mainly used in the field of riveting. The utility model has the characteristics of stable performance, compact structure, convenient and safe operation.

Pneumatic riveting machine is one of the riveting machines. It refers to the mechanical equipment that can rivet the articles together with rivets. The riveting machine mainly completes the assembly work by rotation and pressure. Pneumatic riveter is an advanced riveting tool in China. It can be used in automobile, train, ship, aviation and other industries of sheet metal fastening connection structure; drawing and fastening of computer case, electrical case, kitchen cabinet, etc.; fastening of aluminum alloy doors and windows, interior decoration, etc.

The structure of hydraulic riveting machine and pneumatic riveting machine is basically the same. The main shaft, piston, main shaft bearing, riveting head assembly, closing height adjusting device, main shaft barrel, control box and workbench, etc. The main difference between them is that the pneumatic riveter is a cylinder, while the hydraulic riveting machine is a hydraulic cylinder. Pneumatic riveting machine is equipped with solenoid valve and air source processing elements, while hydraulic riveting machine is a hydraulic system including overflow valve, hydraulic pump, throttle valve and oil block, etc. Because the hydraulic riveting machine uses a low-pressure system, the hydraulic pump equipped with the hydraulic riveting machine is a gear pump, and the M-type three position four-way electromagnetic reversing valve can make the riveting head of the riveting machine hover at any position within the stroke.

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