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The Most Effective Way To Clean The Spiral Pipe Making Machine

The spiral pipe machine is mainly coated with a layer of zinc on the iron sheet to protect the sheet. After passivation, dying or coating of the photoresist, the zinc coating can significantly improve its protection and decorative properties. On the market, the spiral pipe machine is generally divided into three categories according to materials: galvanized spiral air pipe machine, stainless steel spiral air pipe machine, and composite spiral pipe machine. Among them, the stainless steel pipe machine has the best quality and strong applicability, but the price is high. The most widely distributed spiral pipe machines on the market today are made of galvanized sheets. Galvanized sheet spiral pipe machines have basically the same characteristics as stainless steel spiral pipe machine, but the price is only two-thirds or even lower than that of stainless steel pipe machine. Composite spiral pipe machine is generally used in places where the external environment is relatively common and the requirements on the duct are not too high. Spiral pipe machine is used in a wide range of applications. The purification system sends back air pipe machines, central air-conditioning ventilation pipe machines, industrial air-discharge ventilation pipe machines, environmental protection system suction and exhaust pipe machines, mine drainage gas tubes, mine-coated rubber pipe machines, and the like.

The Most Efficient Ways To Clean Ducts Are Following Three:

1. Vacuum suction: operate with a vacuum suction tube similar to a hand grip. Use a brush to directly touch the inner wall of the pipe to remove dirt. This method requires a large manhole in the pipe to allow the operator to get as much as possible. However, this method is most likely to miss a part of dust and dirt, because the duct cannot form a complete negative pressure condition. But following methods can form negative pressure conditions.

2. Power scrub: the dirt is brushed with a pneumatic or electric brush, and the dirt is sucked into the vacuum collector in the same manner and direction as the gas flush. This method requires as much care as possible to not damage the appearance of the insulation material.

3. Gas flushing: this method delivers compressed air by means of a nozzle-equipped hose connected to the pipe. The nozzles are designed to allow compressed air to drive in dust and dirt. The dirt and dust that is dried by the compressed air are transported along the pipe to the vacuum manifold.

The above is the most effective cleaning method. If it can be combined, it will be even better. However, in general, the pipeline cleaning mainly relies on the filter section of the air-conditioning box, insisting on cleaning, supplemented by the above cleaning means.

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