Pneumatic TDF Folding Machine

Pneumatic TDF Folding Machine

Pneumatic TDF folding machine is very important for duct production, The weight and the volume of the device itself is not large, and this machine is very easy to move to anywhere, that means it can work anywhere.
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Performance features of Pneumatic TDF Folding Machine:


Min folding angle(˚)
















This pneumatic TDF folding machine has 5 features:
1. the structure of the pneumatic folding machine is simple and easy for operation.
2. the biggest advantage is that the upper and lower dies can be adjusted by the tool of the panel.
3. This machine can be processed different size workpiece, also, the machine can produce one of four sides and one bottom.
4. the machine is light, easy for moving. also, it is typical of energy- saving, high efficiency.
5. the machine is one of the essential machines of the lines for duct forming line. This is the credit of our company's designers.

Our factory(Anhui BLACKMA heavy industrial machinery co., Ltd.) is located in the center of China's machine tool industry, Ma'anShan Bowang District Dongcheng Industrial Park, it is very convenient only takes 20mins to Nanjing Lukou International airport and connected with Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Shanghai. We are one of the leading manufacturers of duct forming machine since 1994. we have optimized the structure of the machine for many times to make our machine has been greatly improved in speed and molding effect, and it has won unanimous praise from customers all over the world. As an essential equipment during duct processing, rectangular duct making machine includes many machines which can finish all process. All machines can be used freely with other needed machines. This is a very economical choice for making HVAC duct. Meanwhile, BLKMA company can provide a complete solution of rectangular air duct making machines and we can also customize machines in accordance with customers needs. This pneumatic TDF folding machine advantages is both of the machine's up and down movements can be adjusted. They can process workpieces according to the customer's requirement and can fold the sheet into a box/pan with four sides. It is light, energy saving, high efficiency, and has high output speed. It is portable and easy to operate.

The basic configuration of Pneumatic TDF Folding Machine:

  • One foot switch
  • One cylinder
  • One electric control system
  • One punch mold

Pneumatic Folding Machine
Pneumatic Folding Machine
Pneumatic Folding Machine
Pneumatic Folding Machine
Pneumatic Folding Machine
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