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Introduction of Rectangular Pipe

In the past, the sawing machine was used to process the whole process, which required 11 people to complete. The labor intensity was high. There were still errors in manual measurement, and a lot of waste materials were increased. The new equipment only needs one person to operate, and the operator only needs to input the daily production plan and other information. The software will automatically control the remaining length of each pipe and generate the processing program.

Rectangular pipe cutting machine can realize high-speed and high-quality laser cutting of rectangular pipe. Compared with the advantages of traditional cutting, it has good flexibility and does not need to open the mould, which greatly saves the development time of new products. It has the advantages of high speed and precision. It can realize the precise cutting of pipe opening, cutting, intersecting line and all kinds of special-shaped complex graphics which are difficult to achieve by conventional methods. One-time shaping can save cost and improve efficiency.

1. Advanced chuck clamping system

The chuck self-adjusting center automatically adjusts the clamping force according to the profile specifications to ensure the non-destructive clamping of thin tubes.

2. Corner rapid cutting system

Rapid response of corners greatly improves cutting efficiency.

3. Efficient cutting system

Cut workpiece can be automatically cut to different areas.

Application industry

It is mainly used in fitness equipment, office furniture, kitchenware cabinets and other industries of circular, square, rectangular and special-shaped pipe processing.

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