Comparison Between the Third and the Sixth Line of the Wind Pipe Production Line

The comparison between the third and the sixth line of the wind pipe production line is introduced below. I hope you can have a better understanding of the knowledge through our introduction. Let's have a detailed introduction below.

First, the third line of the wind pipe production is composed of the feeding rack, the leveling reinforcement machine, the punching tip mouth and the punching square mouth machine and the shearing machine. The electrical control part is controlled by the whole computer. The control system has closed loop feedback system, and the production accuracy and stability are obviously improved. The maximum working speed is 12 meters par minute, and the charging rack can be completed according to the requirements of customers.

Second, the sixth line of the wind pipe production line adopts the U-linear structure, and has achieved a new breakthrough made on the basis of the fifth line of the wind pipe. The functions of the sixth line of the wind pipe production line are as follows:

1. the common plate flange pipe and angle steel flange air pipe can be processed on the same production line. The daily production is 1000-2500 square metre. The computer is easy to operate. People only need to input the desired duct size into the computer program, and the computer will automatically arrange and cut down the material.

2. the computer control system and the mechanical separation mode enhanced the stability performance without interference.

3. wind pipe automatically completes the opening and the leveling pressure angle joint and the joint plate flange forming angle steel flange are formed.

I hope the distinguished introduction between the third and sixth line of wind pipe production line can help you understand better and have more knowledge about this area. We will continue to bring it to you, please look forward to it.
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