Introduction of Spiral Pipe Making Machine Technology

With the development of the city, after many years of using the drainage pipeline system in the city, due to the erosion of sewage, long-term scouring, foundation settlement and other reasons, the concrete pipeline has the problems of inner wall defect, bars, cracking, settlement and leakage, which seriously loses the drainage function, endangers the safety of urban roads. Underground spiral entanglement is not the trenchless repairing of concrete pipes by winding pipe method is an economical, fast and safe method for repairing concrete pipes.

Underground spiral winding pipe-making method is a trenchless repairing method. It makes full use of the space position of drainage pipeline basketwell and puts the spiral pipe making machine in it, so that the PVC-U strip is formed at the basketwell and sent to concrete pipe to be closely combined, so as to restore the drainage capacity and strength of the pipeline. This method has many advantages, such as no need of closing the road, short construction period, favorable environmental hygiene, low comprehensive cost and even water carrying operation.

One of the keys to trenchless repair of concrete pipelines by spiral winding method is the treatment of concrete pipelines. The exposed reinforcement part of concrete pipeline should be smoothed with high-grade cement mortar; the dislocated part should be restored to its original position with pick and kept flat; the foundation settlement and void parts should be filled with concrete; only by ensuring the smooth and straight concrete pipeline can the repair be successful.

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