How to Maintain the Spiral Duct Machine in Winter?

1. The selection of thermal insulation materials for the spiral duct machine should have good thermal insulation performance. The specifications of the insulation material should be consistent with the air duct system. At the same time, it must also meet the design requirements of the air duct. The insulating material used should have a qualified certificate, such as a qualified certificate, to ensure the effective protection of the pipeline when used in winter, so that it is not easy to use and damage in winter. The clean air duct is generally made of refractory closed-hole rubber sponge insulation material, and the exhaust air duct is generally made of non-flammable aluminum foil glass wool board. These two materials are commonly used materials and have good thermal insulation properties.

2. When the spiral duct machine wraps the thermal insulation material, the cutting is accurate and the cutting surface is as flat as possible. This ensures bonding. When the cut material is cut, the horizontal vertical surface should overlap the top of the short face on the beam.

3. When covering the thermal insulation material on the spiral tubeformer machine, the thickness of the glue is uniform, and the glue will not flow when the glue is applied. When the insulating material is covered, the adhesive bonds effectively. There will be no hollows out and no exposed pipes.

Due to the wide range of applications of the helical tube, of course, it plays a big role. Not only are helical ducts superior to rectangular ducts and other ventilation ducts in other respects, but they also have considerable advantages in terms of thermal insulation and noise reduction.

4. Due to its structural characteristics, the spiral duct machine has good thermal insulation performance, which can greatly reduce the heat dissipation loss of the air conditioner. This reduces the capacity of the ventilation ductwork equipment, reduces the input cost of the ventilation ductwork equipment, and there is less energy loss in the daily operation of the ductwork system, so the operating costs are also limited and correspondingly reduced.

5. The spiral duct machine itself has the characteristics of a muffler. Compared with the rectangular square tube system, there is no need to install sound-absorbing accessories such as mufflers. This also reduces the cost of the equipment.

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