The Property Analysis of the Two Malfunctions of the Angle Shearing Machine

In the daily windpipe operation, if according to reasonable means of operation, the working efficiency of the general cutting angle machine is relatively high (of course, the premise is to choose the shearing machine that is suitable for the manufacturer's own needs). If in the work, once the abnormal operation situation appears, the staff needs to stop the working of the cutter and find out the cause of the fault in time.

Similar to other mechanical obstacle removal methods, the first step of angle shearing machine’s is to analyze the fault source. Generally speaking, according to the property of faults, there are two kinds of failures of the angle shearing machine.

1. Systematic malfunction

This means that as long as certain conditions are met, there will inevitably be failures. For example, if the work pressure rises suddenly or drops to a certain value, it will produce abnormal running state; or when the grid voltage is too high and too low, the system will produce a high voltage or low alarm. In addition, if the cutting angle selection is too large at the time of machining, it will inevitably produce overload or over temperature alarm, and the system will quickly shut down.

2. Random malfunction

It refers to the angle shearing machine under the same conditions, occasionally there will be one or two faults. Generally, the cause of random failure is difficult to find, because it is not easy to repeat, sometimes it is difficult to encounter for a long time.

Basically, the cause of this type of malfunction may be related to local loosening and dislocation of the angle shearing machine. For example, in some parts of the angle shearing machine system deviate from the operation characteristics, the quality of components is reduced, and the operation error, improper maintenance and the influence of the working environment. In addition, even if the contact corrosion caused by some switch contamination is not reliable, it may lead to abnormal operation of the shear.

Therefore, if employees encounter angle shearing machine is not functioning properly, it can be analyzed in accordance with the above two situations.

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