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How Does The Flanging Machine Roll The Steel Round?

Flanging machine is the equipment that can roll all kinds of steel coil round, in its working process each component needs to cooperate with each other to let the steel roll circle, so how does each component play in the steel roll circle? Flange forming machine is made up of frame, upper roller rotating mechanism, lower roller turning mechanism and electrical control part. The frame is welded with sections. The rotary motor is driven by a triangle belt, which is driven by the belt wheel and the turbine reducer and the transmission gear so that the two lower shaft rollers rotate in the same direction. Elevator motor through v-belt transmission, and through the pulley and the reduction of the worm and the shaft machine, vertical screw on the low side compared synchronous rotation direction, up and down on the drive shaft roller for parallel displacement.

The electrical control part is used to control the forward, reverse, stop and limit of the rollers on the rotary motor and the hoist motor. At present, the flanging machine cannot get out of the wind tube with a smaller diameter. At the same time, it is also assumed that the rollers on the upper axle will be fitted with the joint rolling pressure mechanism so that the rolling circle of the air duct and the joint rolling pressure will be completed once, which is obvious to improve the efficiency.
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