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The Production Process of Air Duct Fabrication Machines

The air duct fabrication machines include all the production equipment that can complete a series of process technologies, such as blanking of coil material and forming of the air duct.

Main production process:

1. Blanking

Cut the coil according to the input size.

2. Beading

Automatically compress and flatten the finished coils.

3. Punch, chamfer, and groove

Complete the process of the air duct installation-hole to avoid the inconvenience of later drilling.

4. Shear

Cut off the processed sheet material from the coil material for further processing.

5. Transmission

The detached coil material is transferred along with the conveyor belt to the next step.

6. Seam

Press the edge of the plate and make a joint angle.

7. TDF molding

TDF machine and tray TDF machine are used for coil material to form the TDF.

8. Bending and forming

A rectangular duct is formed by bending the coil material.

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