The Design Features and Operation Points of Spiral Duct Machine

Design features of spiral duct machine:

1. In the process of designing the spiral duct machine, the principle of average force should be followed, so that each pass and roller can be equally stressed, so that the degree of wear will be very balanced and its service life will be extended. Bulk material transportation: In this regard, it is mainly some materials with relatively fine particle size and relatively loose material, because the use of this type of air duct transportation has good transportation effects and low cost.

2. Pay attention to the rolling stability of the spiral duct machine. When designing and producing, pay attention to the symmetry of the roller processing, and calculate in advance the denaturation to the neutral layer and the amount of material used.

3. The problem of bending and twisting may occur in the production process. This phenomenon is mainly caused by unbalanced force. The best solution is to balance the force during design and process accurately.

4. Pay attention to the accuracy of the roller processing and the processing protection of the arc part of the track during production.

Spiral duct machine price production operation points:

1. If the spiral duct is connected with the flange, the flange size should be 6-9mm, and the flange should be flat without holes.

2. For the three-way or four-way of the circular spiral duct, the included angle should be 15-60 degrees, and the allowable deviation of the included angle should be less than 1 degree.

3. The connection of each pipe section of the spiral duct should be detachable. The length of the pipe section should be 1.8-4.0. The welded duct and spiral duct can be lengthened appropriately.

Many large-scale occasions have relatively large space, so when installing the central air-conditioning system, it is necessary to moderately reduce the intensity. However, for household air conditioners, the ventilation volume of the air duct system is relatively small, and the required diameter of the ventilation duct is also relatively small. Therefore, when selecting materials for the air duct system, the strength requirements of the air duct material can be appropriately reduced.

Thirdly, the construction of air-conditioning ducts has floor height requirements. Since central air conditioners are mostly used in large-scale occasions such as office buildings and shopping malls, the requirements for floor height are not too obvious. But the situation is different for household air conditioners. The height of many floors is less than 3m, generally around 2.8m, so the requirement for the height of the air-conditioning is to occupy as much space as possible.

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