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Explanation of the Basic Knowledge of the Riveting Machine

Today, we will introduce some basic knowledge of the riveting machine. Riveting is the work of connecting two parts with rivets. The shearing force produced by the nail rod and nail cap prevents the separation of the workpiece. As the operation of the rivet machine is more troublesome, it is easier to use some operating machines, and it can also improve the efficiency of the work.

Basic knowledge of riveting machine:

1. The riveting machine must first shut down the power supply, and clean it in accordance with the principle of cleaning from the top to the bottom. The storage tank of the rivet machine is cleaned to remove the excess rivet in the rivet storage tank to prevent the subsequent production of the residual rivet confusion resulting in the damage of the product. It should be cleaned with a cotton cloth and returned later.

2. The guide rails are cleaned, and the remainder rivets in the guide rail flow into the guide slot of the nozzle, and the remaining rivets are removed from the mouth by the sliding frame, and the slideway should be wiped clean by the cotton cloth.

3. The use of the microcomputer control system can choose a manual, semi-automatic and automatic operation, and the control device can be added, with the high efficiency and easy operation of the compressed air for the power source, which can reduce the labor force for the manual operation automation line.

4. The structure is simple, the operation is convenient, the price is cheap, the performance is superior, the oil pressure system and the electric standby machine are produced by the noise, which can save the cost of power consumption and reduce the cost of production with high-cost performance.

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