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Environmental Protection Method of Numerical Control Cutting Machine Industry

Environmental protection is a hot topic in today's society, people pay more and more attention to environmental protection, of course, numerical control cutting machine industry is also duty-bound; People have summed up their own environmental protection methods in the metalworking industry, For example, 1: use a smaller filtering system. 2: Eddy current brake reduces the number of chemicals added. 3, The application of minimum quantity lubrication.

If using a smaller filter system, Due to inadequate filtration capacity and inadequate contact with the air, which leads to the overuse of metalworking fluid, processing performance will become worse and will increase the corresponding processing costs.

In terms of reducing the number of chemicals added, it will increase the cost of production and shorten the service life of the knife tool, in the long run, reducing the number of chemicals added will cause more problems. For example, if cleans the system regularly, it will bring the high chemical and waste treatment costs.

Minimum quantity lubrication, the quick injection of a small amount of coolant at the contact point for cutting, no coolant is  recycled, which seems to be a good way to protect the environment, but this method is not yet a solution to all the application questions, chip removal, rust prevention, and complete cooling are not easily available in all fields of application.

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