Connecting and Tightness Inspection Methods of Spiral Air Duct Machine

1. The method of connecting the spiral duct machine

The spiral duct machine hoop connects the two ends of each pipe section and presses them into a bulge, and shrinks one end into a small mouth. When installing it, insert the small port into the large port according to the direction of the airflow, and use a steel hoop to connect the two pipe ends tightly, and finally use bolts to pass through the earrings to fix and tighten.

This method is mainly used for connecting the steel plate circular ventilation duct and the air duct of the spiral duct machine. details as follows. First, roll out the bulge at both ends of each pipe section, and shrink one end into a small mouth. When installing, insert the small port into the large port according to the direction of the airflow, and use the steel hoop outside to connect the drum hoop of the two ports tightly, and finally use the bolt to pass through the middle of the earring and tighten it.

This method is mainly used to connect the air duct of the spiral duct machine to the components (such as radiator, static pressure box, side air outlet, etc.). The specific method is as follows. When installing, sleeve both ends of the hose outside the connected pipe, and then tighten the hose with a soft clip. The filter element can be cleaned automatically without stopping the host and other operations.

When the saturation resistance of the filter cartridge surface reaches a certain allowable value, the automatic cleaning function is turned on. In addition, each filter cartridge is repeatedly cleaned in sequence during the operation of the host to ensure that the dust collector is always in good working condition.

2. Tightness inspection method of spiral duct machine

The experimental method of light leakage detection: on a certain length of air duct, in a dark surrounding environment, use a bulb with a voltage not higher than 36v, a power above 100w, and a protective cover in the air duct, slowly from one end of the duct move to the other end while observing the light leakage from the appearance of the air duct.

If light leakage is observed in the appearance of the air duct, it indicates that there is air leakage, and the air leakage of the air duct of the spiral duct machine should be repaired.

For air leakages, such as the bite seam, rivet hole, and four corners of the flange, sealant or other sealing measures can be applied. If there is air leakage at the flange joints, tighten the nut or replace the flange gasket according to the actual situation.

After passing the light leakage test, the air duct of the medium-pressure system shall be sampled for the air leakage of the system, and all the air ducts of the high-pressure system shall be tested for the air leakage. The value of the measured air leakage of the system should meet the design and specification requirements.

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