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Operation Specification for the Use of Lock Making Machine

1. When the bite machine is used, the transmission part of the sheet metal and the duct machinery shall be provided with a protective cover. The dismantling is strictly prohibited during the operation.

2. It is strictly forbidden to touch the rotating roller with hand. When you send it to the end, the fingers must leave the workpiece.

3. The bite machine should be operated no-load before it is used, and it can be operated only after it has been confirmed.

4. When the biting machine is operating, if any foreign matter enters the roller, it should be shut down and repaired in time.

5. When using the biting machine, the strength and precision of the cutting tools, tires, molds, etc. on the sheet metal and the duct machine should meet the requirements which the sharpening must be sharp, the installation must be stable, and it must be firm and reliable.

6. The use of a powerful motor on a sheet metal and a duct machine and the use of hand-held electric tools and hydraulic devices should be prescribed in Section 3.1, Section 3.4, section 3.8 and appendix C of JGJ33 2001.

7. When the bite machine is used, the non-operation and auxiliary personnel shall not stay around the machine for viewing.

8. The length and width of the workpiece should not exceed the allowable range of the machine.

9. After using the machine, cut off the power supply, lock the switch box, and do routine maintenance work.
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