Mechanical Installation Method of Spiral Duct and Precautions for Use

Ⅰ. What are the installation methods of the duct of the spiral duct machine?

The pipe produced by the spiral duct machine has a wide range of applications. Pipes are used in many industries. Different industries have the characteristics of different industries, and thus have different technical requirements. Pipe is a relatively mature product, and various industries have corresponding technical standards. Detecting pipes, according to the industry of pipe application, select the corresponding product standards, and test the corresponding technical indicators according to the needs of the industry.

Generally, there are size indicators, inner diameter, outer diameter, wall thickness, and strength indicators. The strength indicators of pipes include radial compressive strength, that is, ring stiffness, flexibility indicators, bending degree indicators, and impact strength.

For the pipes used for drinking water, there are technical indicators in terms of hygiene and water pressure resistance indicators. There are also other technical requirements for the communication industry.

Ⅱ. Precautions for the use of spiral duct machinery

1. The width and thickness of the strip of the spiral duct machine should correspond to the correct model of the roller box.

2. Make sure the main switch is turned off when the machine is not in use.

3. Make sure that all joint surfaces are free of stains and foreign objects, especially the dovetail groove at the joint of the tube mold and the base; as well as rollers, guide plates, etc., all need to be cleaned. The drive wheel (knurled wheel) of the helical duct machine must be cleaned frequently with a wire brush.

4. The correct application of the saw blade of the spiral air duct machine, that is, "friction (friction)" is used to cut steel, and "metal (metal)" saw blade is used to cut metals that are harder than steel, and the saw blade needs to be kept sharp.

5. Caltex Algol C-type lubricating oil is used for the lubricating oil tank, and Caltex Regal AZ-type lubricating oil is used for the hydraulic tank.

6. The strip material of the spiral duct machine will not slide under the guide plate.

7. The hydraulic pressure should not be too high when it is not necessary.

8. Regularly sweep and clean the spiral duct machine.

9. The pipe mold and the pipe mold base of the spiral duct machine must be aligned.

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