Production, Technical Application, and Management of Spiral Duct Machines

What is the spiral duct machine made of?

The spiral duct machine is a machine used to produce spiral ducts. It was originally used in military industries in western countries, and now spiral ducts are used in central air conditioning systems in civilian buildings. So, what is the spiral duct machine made of?

The spiral duct is made from flat coil material. It is clamped by a spiral tubeformer machine and rolled into a round pipe along a logarithmic spiral track. At the same time, a slitting pressure is introduced into the market, and finally cut to the required length. Due to its excellent performance and low cost, it is widely used in shipbuilding, ventilation, air conditioning, aviation transportation, tunnels, and other construction industries.

The spiral duct can withstand maximum pressure. The wall thickness of the pipe is four times that of the pipe body. The pipe is relatively rigid and has great superiority. It can withstand maximum pressure load and non-destructive deformation. The thickness of the wood can be reduced by 15%. This reduces production costs.

Therefore, the pipeline vibration caused by low-frequency noise is small, the airflow performance is good, the system pressure drop is small, and the daily operating energy consumption of the system is low. Currently, you can also use flat elliptical ducts to reduce the height occupied by ducts. The flat oval spiral duct is a special device that can process round ducts into flat elliptical ducts by tension.

Technical application and management of spiral duct machine

The manufacturing technology of the spiral duct machine is constantly updated and upgraded. How to use and operate the spiral duct machine effectively is a problem. It cannot be blindly incorporated into product design, not to mention changes in technological development. The spiral duct machine must be familiarized with, and each component and function should be thoroughly studied.

The cross-sectional size of the pipeline will affect the actual flow rate, resistance along the way, and local resistance of each part of the pipeline. The calculation of the total resistance of the pipeline system starts with the most unfavorable loop. To calculate the flow rate, choose the appropriate duct section to determine if the cross-sectional size of each pipe is circular. If the cross-sectional size is circular, then the optimal duct section should include a standard duct.

The design of the spiral duct machine should not only refer to market and trend factors, but also refer to the production technology and process of the spiral duct machine manufacturer. The spiral duct machine must be good at using new materials and technologies to design new products, and position new products well.

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