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Tips for Maintenance of Auto Duct Line

1. Cleaning of the auto duct line

The auto duct line will store a lot of materials and sundries in the long working process. Therefore, it should be cleaned and maintained in time to avoid problems. The following provides three cleaning methods for the auto duct line:

(1) Gas washing

A hose with a nozzle attached to a duct can carry into compressed air and drive the dust and dirt into the vacuum collecting vessel, so as to remove dust and debris.

(2) Vacuum dirt absorption

This method requires a cleaning tool called a vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner is hand-held and the brush can directly touch the inner wall of the duct to clean the inner dirt. However, one requirement of this method is that the inspection hole of the air duct must be large enough. In addition, because the duct cannot form enough negative pressure conditions, it is very likely that this cleaning method will miss some stains.

(3) Power washing

The impetus of this method comes from the pneumatic or electric. Under the aerodynamic or electric force, the brush washes away the dirt in air ducts, and then use gas flushing to transport the dirt into a vacuum collector. Be careful to damage the surface of the insulation material during the cleaning process.

2. Daily maintenance of auto duct line

Also, pay attention to the daily maintenance of the machine for daily use. The following points need to be noted:

(1) Regularly check the working conditions of the auto duct line, and timely correct any problems. It is strictly prohibited to operate the machine with faults to prevent the occurrence of safety accidents.

(2) Keep the appearance of the auto duct line clean at any time. When not in use for a long time, apply anti-rust grease to the appearance.

(3) Operators should operate correctly in accordance with the specifications, understand and master the machine performance and operation methods. The non-professional operation is strictly prohibited.

3. Regular maintenance of auto duct line

(1) Regularly add the proper amount of lubricating oil to the transmission teeth of the auto duct line, which can greatly reduce the wear degree of the machine in operation.

(2) Normally, the maintenance period of the auto duct line is half a year. Periodically open the machine and equipment for inspection and maintenance.

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