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How to Carry Out Daily Maintenance of Auto Duct Line?

The role of auto duct line in the production of the enterprise is important. Therefore, its maintenance is very important. Although the auto duct line is only used for processing machinery, its importance to enterprises is similar to the importance of cars to us. Only after careful maintenance can auto duct line play a good production efficiency and create more value for enterprises. So, how to carry out daily maintenance of auto duct line? Let's listen to the experts' introduction.

1. It is best to choose the machine to transport the equipment. It is best to be transported by machine. If you have to use manual handling, do not use too much force to avoid damaging the machine.

2. Regularly adding proper lubricant to the driving cog of the equipment can greatly reduce the degree of wear in the operation of the machine.

3. Keep the appearance of the equipment clean, and apply rust-proof grease to the exterior when not in use for a long time. When it is not used for a long time, the rust-proof grease should be painted.

4. Always check the equipment and find the problems and correct them in time to prevent accidents.

5. Generally, the maintenance cycle is half a year. When checking the equipment and maintenance it, the machine should be dismantled.

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